Fibre Reinforced Plastic Grating - FRP

Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) is designed for use in corrosive or electrically hazardous environments. In addition to being corrosive resistant, the FRP product is non-sparking and non-conductive. Its one-piece construction increases its load-bearing capabilities as the load applied to a bar is transferred to adjoining load-bearing bars. With an open area of 70% and tapered bars, debris is able to fall through.

Each of the two resin systems has the glass fibre strand thoroughly wetted by the applicable resin which ensures corrosion resistance in different environments. The green (type I) system uses an Isopthalic Polyester Resin base which provides excellent corrosion resistance against a range of chemicals. The yellow (type V) system uses a Vinyl Ester Resin base which gives superior corrosion resistance to acidic environments and moderate resistance to caustic and solvent environments.

FRP has many applications ranging from bridges to gully covers and stair treads to wash bays and it can be useful in areas as diverse as salt mines, chemical plants, power plants and pulp and paper mills.

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