Metal Fabrication

Hallweld Gratings is active in the fabrication of light to medium steelwork and architectural metalwork. Whilst we provide purpose-built solutions to our clients, we also have a range of walkway gratings, handrail systems, balustrades and sunscreens which can be incorporated into projects.

Hallweld has been active in the industry for more than 100 years and our projects can be seen throughout South Australia. Among the more prominent of these projects are the Rundle Mall canopy, the mobile phone tower on Brighton Jetty, the balustrades in the Rundle Mall Myer Centre and a canopy and meat rail at the Co-op Shopping Centre in Nurioopta.

More Information

Please contact Hallweld Gratings on 08 8347 0800 or via email for pricing, more information or technical assistance regarding Metal Fabrication.