Aluminium Sunscreens

In addition to enhancing the appearance of your building, aluminium sunscreens greatly reduce solar glare and, potentially, air conditioning costs. With the use of aluminium sunscreens, it is calculated that 20% – 50% of the net heat gain caused by sunlight striking clear or tinted glass can be avoided.

Due to their strength and light weight, Hallweld Gratings range of sunscreens allow designs with less need for heavy support structures. This, in turn, creates the potential for valuable construction savings.

Sunscreens not only increase privacy and security for your environment, but also minimise the effects of wind-driven rain, hail and debris. Whilst providing this protection, they can be designed to provide a large amount of free-air flow, thereby helping to reduce building cooling costs.

Sunscreens can be designed and installed for sun protection only or to provide a trafficable platform by the use of load bearing panels. These provide walkway access for window cleaning, maintenance etc and give a great cost-saving benefit by combining two separate functions in one product.

A variety of profiles, finishes and colours are available. The aluminium construction of our sunscreens gives the following benefits:

  • Approximately one third the weight of steel, corrosion-resistant and non-magnetic
  • Improved aesthetics by reducing the size of mounting supports
  • Reduced structural effect on a building
  • Ideal for heat reduction with up to 50% of light energy reflected

To select the most appropriate sunscreen, the following project factors need to be considered:

  • Terrain category and project location
  • Screen height above ground
  • Screen function – does it need to be trafficable, horizontal or vertical, reflect light into the space (light shelf) etc
  • Screen position on the building – eg; face-mounted, proximity to building edges etc

In addition to commonly-used Flat Bar Louvres and Blade Louvres, Elliptical Blades, Ventilation Louvres, Trellis Screen Louvres and Slat Louvres are becoming increasingly popular.

Elliptical Blades create a distinctive architectural feature and can be fixed horizontally or vertically. Blades are manufactured from extruded aluminium and are available in 100mm, 200mm and 600mm series. Each blade is mechanically fixed to end plates, channel, flat plate, angle or other connection options to achieve the desired pitch and aesthetic look. Main structural supports are required at centres relative to the system being used. Elliptical Blades can be fixed or operable. In the case of the latter, controls can be either standard hand-operated or motorised. This system offers excellent sun control and privacy screening whilst creating stunning visual appeal. The blades can be powder coated to match existing facades or they can be anodised to suit coastal conditions.

Ventilation Louvres are commonly used for plant room screens and in areas where air relief is required. In an air relief configuration, they allow up to 95% free flow of air and substantially reduce building cooling costs. When used as Plant Room Screens, they effectively conceal eyesores like irregular shapes, voids and unsightly plant structures. They provide effective screening whether at ground level or on the roof of buildings.

Trellis Screen Louvres and Slat Louvres are made from aluminium slats and give attractive support for vines and creepers. They have excellent lateral stability and they are lightweight and corrosion resistant. Utilising the same system, enclosures for areas such as car parks under apartment buildings can be designed, manufactured and installed cost-effectively. In addition, to the aesthetics of such structures, maintenance benefits become obvious when considering alternatives such as stained timber.

We can assist you in all these areas and would be happy to advise you on the best possible solutions for both aesthetics and economy.

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