GrateArt Architectural Surfaces

GrateArt is an exciting new product with applications in both domestic and commercial markets. Using a purpose-built grating system with a flat bar bottom plate, recycled granulated rubber or, alternatively, EPDM mixed with polyurethane, is applied to the surface at a constant temperature and allowed to set. The result is a durable, weather-resistant surface which gives excellent grip in wet or slippery conditions.

Many organisations are interested in the environmental impact of the granulated rubber product. This product, which is applied in 2mm to 12mm granules, is made predominantly from recycled car tyres. Not only is this an excellent example of recycling, but the product can be coloured to enhance or create a desired colour scheme.

Plain steel grids, concrete or wooden decking can become dangerously slippery when there is rain, frost or dew on the surface. But now, GrateArt can be used in bridging and platform applications where slippery surfaces are a potential hazard. It can also be used for outside staircases and walkways in buildings such as apartment complexes.

GrateArt helps to isolate vibration and also has excellent sound insulating qualities. As the compound can be either plain or multi-coloured, it is easily customised to a specific project.

GrateArt is durable, weather-resistant and enhances safety with its "rough-form" surface. It is incredibly comfortable to walk on and, due to its porous nature, water does not "pool" as it does with asphalt or concrete installations.

Interesting effects can be achieved by mixing coloured product with straight black or by mixing a variety of colours together. For examples of this, refer to the Colour Percentages PDFs below. We have set out three images for each colour - 100% coloured product, a 50% colour / 50% black combination and a 25% colour / 75% black combination. However, these are just three of the many possibilities. You may wish to have a 70% / 30% or a 60% / 40% combination of colour and black for your project.

An example of the effect gained by mixing a variety of colours together can be seen in the "Tutti Frutti" EPDM photos.

Please visit our GrateArt website for further information.

Please note: GrateArt colours are subject to availability at time of order

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