Expanded Metal

Hallweld Gratings expanded metal product is widely used for walkways and as platform decking. Expanded metal provides an economical, durable and slip resistant surface. It is used in many applications, including:

  • Walkways in industrial and commercial premises
  • Platforms on buildings to allow access for maintenance and cleaning, servicing of air conditioning plant etc
  • Security mesh
  • Louvres or sun screens on the exterior of buildings
  • Decorative applications

The product has excellent see-through properties which allow air and sound to be transmitted whilst not compromising security or strength. Mild steel ensures economy and strength whilst aluminium can be used where weight is a consideration.

Expanded metal can be supplied in an untreated form or it can be galvanised. We would be pleased to consult with you regarding the best fixing methods and the optimum sizing for your project.

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More Information

Please contact Hallweld Gratings on 08 8347 0800 or via email sales@hallweldgratings.com.au for pricing, more information or technical assistance regarding Expanded Metal.