Guardrails (W-Beam)

Guardrail products are used extensively by Hallweld Gratings. Not only are these products an important contributor to road safety but, in today's strictly regulated work environments, they are used in commercial and industrial applications to ensure OH&S compliance. They are used throughout warehouses for stock and racking protection and to define and protect "walk" and "work" areas for staff.

Manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS3845 and State Road Authority specifications, W-Beam Guardrails are supplied in standard lengths (see below) but custom lengths can also be supplied for special applications. They are durable and low maintenance and a range of coloured patterns can be installed on the end terminals and guardrails themselves. To cater to individual requirements, a range of end terminals is available.

Standard Lengths:

  • 1,000mm
  • 2,000mm
  • 2,500mm
  • 3,000mm
  • 3,810mm
  • 4,000mm
  • 5,000mm

Product choice is determined by usage and risk factors.

Technical Data


More Information

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